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Car Seat Head Support
Car Seat Head Support
Car Seat Head Support
Car Seat Head Support
Car Seat Head Support

Car Seat Head Support

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Forget About Bobbing Heads!

Does your child constantly bob their head while sleeping in the car?

It's a problem experienced by millions of parents around the world, and it's actually very dangerous.

Our patented Car Seat Head Support prevents your child's head from falling forwards or sideways while napping in the car, giving you the peace of mind that your child is resting comfortably and safely in their seat.

About Products
  • Easily attachable
  • Adjusts to every head size
  • Minimal forehead contact, maximum movement
  • Successfully passed all crash tests conducted
  • Compliant with regulations and standards under the CPSIA
  • Made from advanced "no sweat" materials
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple to use for parents and kids
  • Reduces driver distraction and gives parents peace of mind

How Does It Work?

The product attaches to any car seat or high–back booster with adjustable straps. When the child is awake, the head strap is easily moved to the up position, above the child's head, without disturbing them. When the child falls asleep, the head strap is moved to the down position, parallel to the child's forehead, and the bobbing head problem is solved. The driver can easily push down the head strap with two fingers, even at a red light when the car is stopped. Siblings sitting next to the child can easily move the head strap to the down position. Even the child themselves can learn at a young age to put the head strap in place when they are getting sleepy.

What Age Is It Suitable For?

The product is suitable for children sitting in a front facing car seat or high-back booster. It can be used for many years, starting from when your child is in a forward facing car seat, through to when they are sitting in a high back booster. The product includes a forehead strap that is connected by velcro, so it can be adjusted according to your child's head size.

Is It Safe?

The product is compliant with international safety regulations. We has conducted various crash tests for head, chest and neck safety, as well as for side impact and was found to fully comply with the safety standards in the US, Europe and Canada. Please ensure the your child is supervised at all times the product is in use.

What Happens In An Accident?

In the unfortunate situation of a car accident, the velcro-attached forehead strap automatically detaches and allows for the natural movement of the head, so it does not restrict the head in any way. Furthermore, it is important to note that the product does not alter the way a car seat or high back booster performs in an accident.

Does It Disturb The Child?

Not at all. When the child is awake, the forehead strap is moved up above the head, without touching the top of the head. The child enjoys the soft feeling of the cushion against the sides of their face. When the child falls asleep, and the forehead strap is pushed downward to their forehead, there is still a 1 cm gap between it and the child’s head. This allows for free movement of the head while napping and does not restrict the head.

Can It Be Cleaned?

The product is made mainly of textile which means that it can be machine washed on cold in the delicate cycle. The product can be washed as is, without taking out any parts, as even the snaps on the product are rust-proof. Lay flat to dry (do not wring). Do not put it in the dryer.

 Every Child Should Have It
"I was tired of trying products to hold my daughter's head in the car, and at first many of them seemed to work, but over time they would wear out and my daughter's head would end up looking down on the car again; until thank God I found this product. It is super comfortable, my daughter loves it and places it herself when she feels that she is going to sleep, I recommend it 100%. I already have several months with him and he is like new, he is quite resistant. I know it will last me forever but if I have to make a gift this would be an option # 1 because it is safe and every child should have it."

"This is a GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!! I hate it when my child's head is falling but this product holds head in place and is very comfortable says my 5 year old. He can put this on his fore head by himself if he needs to. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT. I Purchased another one."

Have kids and drive? Buy this!
"Super helpful for long car rides. Kept my 3 year old comfortable during the nap. My 6 year old kept trying to make it fail, so hasn't actually slept for very long, but for the time she did use it, it worked, too. Highly recommended- my only regret... I should have bought this a lot earlier!"

Comfortable , Safe, Effective In keeping head secured.
"Our 3 year old daughter FINALLY can enjoy and not get cranky in our long fun road trips ...and that’s because she can take restful naps in her car seat with out her head bouncing all over the place . This very efficient , well made head support is easy to install, comfortable and safe . I highly recommend it .!"


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